A land of many rivers


IMG_2173Although it was a drizzly foggy day, Kara felt spurred by the thought of visiting both the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers. With a early and bright morning smile, Kara knocked on our door and kick-started our day with a cheer and a roar of excitement. And then we were off, exploring the Comal River via a 1.5 mile hike through the woods and a exploratory adventure of the foggy caves and lively geese. I so loved getting out to stretch my body and become one with Nature. feels like it’s been too long!  After working up a daylong appetite, we first explored New Braunfels best thrift store, before joining RD for a buffet lunch at ‘Ryan’s steakhouse‘. Gotta love the buffets here in the US. It’s hard to feed my husband enough food, so at least when we visit an all-you-can eat restaurant, he gets moneys worth for us both! 🙂

We then wandered down by the Guadalupe river in Gruene and had a frolicking fun photo shoot. slaDE and I leaped from rock to rock searching for the perfect stone to balance upon, playing as we sought to strike a yoga pose.  At one point I actually fell in, losing my footing on a wobbly rock … just call me ‘ole wobbly pop :). Thereafter, we sauntered to the closest winery, imbued with giggles and laughter. To top off the evening, we watched my favourite James Bond movie (Daniel Craig is by far the best 007, I believe) ‘Casino Royale‘.

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