A Day of Promotion

What a crazy whirlwind day today was …. crazy in that we went to three different venues to promote our upcoming yogaFLIGHT workshops. After leaving Baldwin, where our friend Minna resides, we made a planned appearance at The Flying Yogi. Although in a major rush to make it to Toronto on time, we only had one person show up. But man, talk about quality over quantity! Lorne chose to give our style of yoga a try, and he was completely and utterly amazed by how “slaDE managed to show him something that he didn’t know his body needed”. Talk about the ultimate compliment!

Fashionista, I Am Not

Funny thing happened in our temporary transition from Airstream life to apartment nomads …. I forgot a few significant props so necessary for participating in the plethora of Christmas parties available to us this season. I neglected to bring along dress shoes for the lovely skirts and pants outfits I diligently transported at the beginning of November. What’s worse is that I’ve been back to the trailer several times, and didn’t take stock of what I had in the clothing department. I remembered EVERYTHING else, go figure. But our lovely friend Jill offered to lend me her size 9 stillettos for the evening (tres chic this Mamacita!). With a wee bit of experience with platform slinky shoes, I had the crazy notion that my sized 9.5 foot (with size 10 pinky toes) would be like fitting Cinderella’s stepsisters in to the beloved glass slipper of choice. And in the end, I ended up setting a new fashion trend with my new rocker shoes this evening. At least they had a nice 2 inch platform to elevate me ;).

My lesson learned? Never forget the importance of slinky shoes in my life. 🙂 NOT! I refuse to go out and buy something just for the sake of saving face, when I already own several pairs of shoes with heels that I rarely wear. Now is not the time to keep hourding and expanding in my wardrobe! I may make a pit stop at Value Village just in case, and donate any acquisition right back on Monday 😉

One Week

What would you do if you discovered that you only had a limited time left on this planet, that you only had a day … a week … a month left to live. What would be the first choices, your first gut, heart-wrenching reactions? Would you flee in search of adventure, truth and answers? Would you hibernate? Would you share your news with the world, or would you sit with the information, trying to decipher what it all meant, truly? What wish would you fulfill? Would you express your love to anybody in particular? What book would you write? I can’t imagine anything more ground-shakingly real than a death sentence imposed in bright bold headlines screaming that your reality is suddenly and wholeheartedly finite and defined.

The Library of the Abbey of Saint-Gallen. Photo by Candida Höfer.Such is the premise behind the movie ‘One Week’. A treasure I found in the bowels of the teeny St Clair library here in Toronto. As is my normal routine in settling within a city for any length of time, I find the closest local library and become a member. This is of vital importance to me. That connection with community and knowledge, the ability to establish a routine of sorts where I actually feel a sense of stability and solace, where I can expand my education in whatever realm I pursue to explore. A home to endless pleasure and ever-expanding schooling. Libraries do this for me. Be that in the form of illuminating movies, fascinating reads, stunning moments of connection with the pages of a book or quiet solitude. From my experience, Toronto has one of the best library systems in the country that I’ve discovered. A sheer wealth of resources available, be it at the tiniest of libraries or in the heart of the giant 4 story building dead-centre downtown Toronto. I often stumble across fabulous movies I’d never ever consider renting or watching, and with free access to hundreds of thousands of titles, I grasp whatever theme I fancy to explore and examine.

As with any journey, whether it be on the road to discovery (in an Airstream trailer!), through the pages of a book, the chronicling of a documentary, or in the questions stimulated by a really good movie, I realize that any pursuit of knowledge and the very personal answers that journey reveals can be a life-changing event that forever shifts perspective, ideals, goals and dreams.

The beauty of journaling, about what comes up in the midst of this excursion, lies in the revealing answers about what I might consider doing when life is presented on a platter, in vivid black and white, and I must choose between the comfortable confines of my current existence or the uncanny rhythms of a road less travelled.

I highly recommend this movie ‘One Week’ not just because it is a gorgeous sampling of Canadiana unveiled (part road trip movie, part love letter to Canada) but because it might just present a journey into the unknown, asking questions you dare not even consider in the solace of your daily life.

“One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
~ Ulysses

The Flying Yogi

I have always been a lover of all things flight, far before the days where I took up skydiving { 20 + years ago }. Even as a child I dreamed of travelling the skies in an airplane, taking up the helm as perhaps the pilot-in-command. Or as a flight attendant … their lives always seemed so glamourous and inviting. Anything to get me places whilst viewing the earth from a different perspective and experiencing the sensation of flight.

The feeling of body control that occurs through yogaFLIGHT and skydiving are inherent reasons behind my passion for unique forms of body movement that reject the claims of gravity, while also offering a new sensation and interpretation of human flight. So you can only imagine how intrigued I was at the thought of suspension / anti-gravity / aerial yoga … a form of yoga that uses a hammock made out of parachute material. Well of course I would be endeared at the prospect, so close to our concept of yogaFLIGHT! And today I had the chance to participate in a 2 hour intro workshop at The Flying Yogi.

What a fabulous way to enhance my yoga practice with effortless inversion poses (not requiring a partner as yogaFLIGHT does) that invoke playful empowerment and creativity through the use of a prop. And a stunning revelation through this class was the ability to pursue not only increased flexibility beyond my normal yoga practice, but reach for an unlimited variety of strength training exercises that I really hadn’t thought of before today. Amazing! If you get the chance to try this sort of suspension yoga, I definitely recommend it. We’ve tried several different ‘methods’ which use various types of proprietary slings. I do like the ‘OmGym’. But I know that there are a few different types and varieties out there. I’m certain that this will become a fitness craze. How could it not, especially considering the incredible benefits of inversion therapy and the fight against gravity and aging?!

Adventures in my Ryn Rocker Shoes

What a funny day today. I wanted to try out my new RYN rocker shoes. I was super excited to finally have my shoes as the process of actually deciding to purchase the Ryn shoes over a pair of MBT rocker shoes has been about 6 months in the making. However, with Ryn offering shoes at almost 1/3rd of the price (normally $295 but discounted to $119) with no tax and free shipping to Canada (with no problems whatsoever at Customs), how could I resist such a fabulous deal?

The size I initially ordered seemed to fit too large — the sizing is unisex and the toe box is extra wide, so as to accomodate a male foot. Realizing the quandary of buying shoes online (not knowing exactly how the shoe will fit until you receive it), I reordered the shoes, a 1/2 size smaller. Smaller than my normal shoe size, 5mm smaller from the current seemingly extra large pair I first ordered. Having received the smaller sized RYN walker, I decided to give them a good try with walking the 2 hour distance to my medical appointment. Somehow in the shuffling of shoes, I managed to mix up the sizes. About an hour in to my walk, I realized that the left shoe was feeling remarkably different than the right. My left foot was starting to feel squished and tingly whilst the right foot was joyful and carefree, wonderfully comfortable. I stopped to massage my left foot (I still had an hour left in my journey) and took note of the shoe size. I continued shortly thereafter on the rest of my hike, arriving right on time at the medical establishment. It was only when I had to remove my shoes for my doctor that my hunch was confirmed. My right foot sported a 260 Korean sized RYN walker (Women’s size US 9) whereas my right foot was housed lovingly in a 265 (size 9.5). Ack! I had somehow worn one of each of the new shoes. Truly, NOT my intention! However, it was an incredible lesson in measurements and proportion. Had I gone with my instinct to keep the smaller 260 shoe, I would have been heartbroken by their uncomfortable sizing over time. Even though the larger shoe seemed too big, in fact it was perfect (although roomy) for my purposes. I love to walk! And if I can spend hours roaming around a city in comfort, who cares if the shoes look and fit like a huge beast. That’s just the way my feet roll. They’re large, long and ever so loved. Deal with it. 🙂

Rebranding of a Canadian Icon

yogaFLIGHT on Lululemon’s previous website design

Lululemon launched a whole new design with the rebranding of their website. White vs black. More sleek and vavaVoom, with meaningful bells and whistles that enhance the user experience.

We received an email from the marketing firm who worked on our story for the feature, telling us about the new photo of us online — the photo on the left. WOW! This company continues to surprise us with new poses from our photo shoot, here and there where I least expect, such as on their twitter and facebook pages. What lovely surprises to stumble upon!


Live @ Lululemon

What an exhilarating moment … I can’t even express the excitement that I have in the core of my belly right now. It’s kind of like a million butterflies have just taken flight and I am being towed behind them. The sensation: as if I am floating along like a giant weather balloon tethered to a glider plane.

It’s kind of surreal seeing our photos front page and center on the Lululemon website. We knew it was coming, but still. Seeing our faces and bodies for all to see on an international company’s home page is not exactly something we see everyday …. along with millions of other Lululemon enthusiasts. What’s really exciting is the prospects of where yogaFLIGHT may fly to. ‘Cleared for takeoff’ indeed!

Newly Designed yogaFLIGHT

Our yogaFLIGHT.com website goes live today! Wow, the anticipation of such a huge change in format is exhilarating. Perhaps the adrenaline keeps me awake as I forge my way towards finishing the self-imposed deadline. It only seemed fitting and necessary that we launch our website before the Lululemon campaign arrives this Thursday. I’m just as excited about the process as the end destination. And truly, is it really the ‘finale’? I dare say not … an exciting new future awaits us, as potential new avenues and markets open up to our brand of partner yoga.

And as I test and retest in between creating new photo galleries, sleep is beckoning me to the futon, but I have a target in sight, and I must continue to carry forward as best as I can. Of all people, I certainly know that once a website is rolled out for the whole world to investigate, the work is never truly done. Always room for improvement, upgrades, new info and finessing. Onwards I forge!!