Crossing Ontario

DSC 8341 Crossing Ontario  DSC 8375 Crossing Ontario  Long drive from Montreal to Sudbury. It was actually quite tough leaving Montreal, all our new friends, a couple of spectacular turbine Otter drop zones, some killer RW jumps and an optimal home base behind. But alas, our dear old friend Jovan was getting married in Sudbury. There were no ifs, ands or buts about not attending. You see, Jovan was responsible for introducing me to my husband, and in turn, he was at our wedding. Now was the time to be there for our friend on his shining day. 12 hours makes for a long day. Luckily we found some lovely green patches to stretch and do yoga on!

Once we arrived, our Airstream (and slaDE~s innate ability to back in the trailer anywhere caused quite the excitement and stir!) found a neat and tidy home tucked away in the corner of their neighbour’s driveway. It was awesome. Great to finally meet Carrie in person and spend some time with their family and wedding party before the big day!

DSC 8367 150x150 Crossing Ontario  DSC 8373 150x150 Crossing Ontario  DSC 8358 150x150 Crossing Ontario