The Cubby Cleanse

After returning from the house concert late last night, with the feelings of a serious bout of flu descending upon my body, I was feeling pretty drained and reticent about starting this gigantic task. But I did feel remarkably better, and thought, if I didn’t start the task now, when would I actually ever approach it head on without reasons to procrastinate? I’ve spoken about the elusive cubby hole on numerous occasions,

So exactly, what is a cubby hole per se?

cubbyhole |ˈkəbēˌhōl|
* a small, snug / enclosed compartment or room.

Dad moved in to his current house in 1995 and built the ‘cubby hole’ quite as an afterthought. The front of the house was falling in with the foundation, so my Uncle (Dad’s brother) Darrell, an architect and designer, built a sun porch to renovate that wall, and underneath, he built the cubby as an empty space to keep the porch warm in the winter. So, for as long as I’ve known Dad at this house, I have had my belongings (which were moved from a storage unit in Teeswater) neatly kept in the space underneath the patio. Since then, my many adventures of travel from country to country have rendered me with a multitude of possessions that I kept replenishing and compiling upon return from a foreign land. I never really knew what I had, as my stuff was never categorized. I’d start anew with a few basic belongings and take off for a year or 2 or more. From there, I began amassing my current endeavour of cleansing, purging and letting go. slaDE inevitably lost me to the cubby on many occasion as I rummaged, searched, reminisced for pieces of a disorganized existence. It’s been on the back burner of my brain to sort through the many boxes, but the task seemed both monumentally daunting and time consuming, along with the timing never seeming to be quite right.

So how do I approach this most unique uncluttering task before me? I am a self-acknowledged packrat, but I am getting better (out of necessity). Living in a trailer with limited space begets that I restrain myself. Yet I’ve always had the cubby as my fallback solution of too much stuff. Letting go of favourite things (especially hard-won clothing pieces) is emotionally draining and difficult, so I’m expecting the next 10 days to be a whirlwind of tempestuous clutter-busting. Here’s to a successful cleansing and organizational session!

Sidenote: I’ve added the addendum that there will be no stress associated with the containing or quantifying of my belongings to a specific amount. Dad was very precise in saying that the space is always available for my use, and that this task at hand is not something that I needed to do. However, I want to continue with the momentum of my desire of re-discovery, but knowing that I am in control and working at my own pace makes ALL the difference of the when, how and why.