Olympic Hockey

#1 Hockey Fan: Canada GOLD!Hockey Hall of FameToday was all about the hockey. The skies were blue and freshly cleaned after a tremendous deluge of rain last night. A perfect day to go skydiving. But our priorities were in order and the Men’s Olympic Hockey Game between Canada and the USA was the only matter of importance on our agenda today.  Who would have ever thought that I could get so excited by a game on TV? I love watching hockey in person, but otherwise, I get bored rather quickly. Certainly not today with this historic Olympic standoff. I was glued to my seat cushion for the entire three periods and full-on in the sudden death overtime. The first two periods, where Canada had a marginal lead over the US Team gave us a false sense of security. In the 3rd period, in the final 24 seconds, a goal was tendered and brought the Teams into a tie. Uh oh … sudden death overtime it would be!

Oh what excitement! I’ve never seen my hubby so enthused and animated about a hockey game before, and he truly loves this Canadian sport with a passion (it helps that he plays the game quite well also). In the final showdown between Canada and the USA, our breath was held bated, on the edge of our seats as the puck swirled and tossed between teams, scampering for that elusive goal. And it came! Sidney Crosby thrashed the winning goal past U.S. goalie Ryan Miller 7:40 into overtime. Hallelujah almighty! USA Hockey SilverCanada found Olympic redemption and reiterated to the world that hockey indeed in Canada’s sport. Our national honour preserved, millions of Canadians breathed a sigh of relief after a game which left many on the edge of their seats, uncertain as to where the outcome may sway. Long live Canadian hockey! 🙂

Students of Skydiving, 4Ever

Yong, Amy & MischaslaDE and I have decided to renew our USPA Skydiving Coach Rating certification, and in order to achieve this, we needed to sit through and assist with an Accelerated FreeFall training class. I never did graduate as a student through the AFF program, but rather learned via Static-line round parachutes over in the UK (October 6, 1991 was my first jump and I have 50 round jumps to my name before jumping a high performance square canopy). With my background being as such, the thought of doing an AFF jump seems rather alien to me. But where the similarities exist in our trainings is that jumping out of an airplane for the first time was one of the most exhilarating, mind-blowing and terrifying experiences I have ever gone through. Mock-uPPart of wanting to be a coach (and eventually possibly an AFF Instructor) is wanting to teach people about the thrill and intoxication of flight. Nothing compares to this sport of flying ones body, in my experience.

So for 6 hours, slaDE~ and I accompanied student Amy through the first-jump course. Yong was the Instructor, and the refresher for me was a good thing, setting me in the right frame of mind for prepping me as a coach. Twas a good day, finalized with a sunset jump. 🙂

The art of flying

Our home @ Lake Elsinore

Our Airstream @ Lake Elsinore

Twin Otter

It’s been almost a month since we had the chance to last skydive over California. And since then, we’ve been on the go-go-go, filling our lives with such wonderful adventures and tangents. However, now that we are blessedly stationary, I’ve been noticing how picky I’ve become in my opportune moments to leap like a lemming. The body keeps telling me how dissatisfied it is for not practicing yoga as often as I used to. Now, a perpetual sore back and irritable achy whingeing shoulders keep me subdued and cautious about skydiving. But the beauty of body-flight prevails …. with blue skies and a Twin Otter beckoning us, we made 2 spectacular jumps overlooking the mountains, Pacific Ocean and Lake Elsinore. How can you not love the freedom which comes with exiting an aircraft over our glorious Mother Earth??

Da Vincis Perfect Man

Da Vinci's Perfect Man

My body is paying for it … but oh so worth it!

How does one explain the superb sensation that skydiving evokes? The ‘delicate’ art of flying one’s body through the air is a phenomenon that is similar to flying a plane … maneuvering one’s body in a controlled fashion, to include (as Wiki describes): “turns, rolls, lateral movement, fall rate control, and other acrobatics in the air. The skill of bodyflight makes it possible for skydivers to fly closer to each other while they are falling, to allow them to link together in formation skydiving, then fly apart to a safe distance before opening parachutes.”

Technically, this is what body flight is all about, but the experience itself is a mind-blowing, sensory-exploding escapade which conveys freedom beyond the boundaries of the physical and spiritual body, of gravity and the heavens, earth & sky, above and below. And for this reason, I keep returning to that place which leaves me breathless, forever on edge and excited about the next leap into the unknown.

Perhaps this is why yogaFLIGHT is such an important part of the journey? It helps uS to teach those who have never made a skydive that feeling of weightlessness and body-flight. Such an incredible tool for skydivers and non-skydivers alike.

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.
Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

Walking the line

Skydive Elsinore

Skydive Elsinore

After a lot of time confined to small spaces, I find the need to explore and walk. With a passion for walking, I love to stretch my limbs, feeling their length and the power of my physical body. With the skydivers on hold due to the approaching storm, I had the opportunity to explore the drop zone in its entirety. What a huge landing area! A half mile runway surrounded by an unintentionally manicured field akin to a golf course’s fairway. Bouncy, lush green and flat with the smell of clean emanating from every corner. I could almost taste the impending rain. What a treat! For every day that it doesn’t rain here during our visit, I’ll be roaming the fields of Skydive Elsinore when I’m not surfing the air in my dance with the sKY.

Nesting in SoCal

slaDE~ and I made the commitment today to spend a couple of weeks stationed here at Skydive Elsinore. I’m excited! We haven’t remained stationary for more than a week since leaving Texas. I’m feeling the need to nest. Get myself organized. Start on my tax prep. Stuff. Important matters that are hard to attend to when on the move, especially when lacking the luxury of electricity. Yay for standing still!

Honestly, I do love the travelling, but in the process of our journeys, I’m finding that I need to come back to my roots, finding a balance of motion and static calm.

Vancouver 2010Another bonus to staying put? A chance to watch the 2010 Olympics!

Go Canada, go World!!!!

Lake Elsinore bound

Skydive ElsinoreSkydive Perris is to Lake Elsinore as Skydive Spaceland is to Skydive Houston. The latter drop zones have so much more character, in our opinions, and display the sort of personalities that really draw us to the sport, the people, upholding our vision of what skydiving is all about for uS. Don’t get me wrong, Perris and Spaceland are fabulous facilities offering all the toys that one could ever hope for as a skydiver, but I tend to gravitate towards the ‘club-like’ atmosphere of Elsinore.

Just my two cents worth :).



slaDE~, Jacki, Coco & Marc flying high!

Beverly Hills Lululemon


It feels as if we’ve been planning today’s Lululemon yogaFLIGHT community workshop in Beverly Hills for ever. But in reality, it’s only been 3 weeks in the making.

So in an effort to be early for our 9am start, we arose super early in case of any blips that might arise. Luckily, our Saturday morning drive in to LA had blessedly smooth flowing traffic and we had plenty of time to scout out the area and find affordable parking. Only 3 people showed up … and the size and intimacy of such a class was absolutely perfect! Because we were all experienced Yogis, I was able to whip up a steamy quick warmup that revved us up for an hour of play. Coco, Jacki and Marc were extremely joyful and willing to try out different partner yoga moves which incorporated lots of spontaneous laughter, body maneuvering, breathing and trust. What more could we have asked for?!

Beverly Hills Cops

Beverly Hills Cops

Ro-DAY-o Drive

Ro-DAY-o Drive

The rest of the morning and mid-afternoon were spent introducing store customers and staff to our window display and demos of yogaFLIGHT. The shoppers of Beverly Hills were wonderfully curious and willing to be engaged. We then had a chance to explore the 90210 famous shopping district … it’s crazy to think how much money is spent in this concentrated of an area. What a fabulous day! Blessedly, our commute back to Perris was uneventful.