Olympic Hockey

Today was all about the hockey. The skies were blue and freshly cleaned after a tremendous deluge of rain last night. A perfect day to go skydiving. But our priorities were in order and the Men’s Olympic Hockey Game between Canada and the USA was the only matter of importance on our agenda today.  Who…



Chatting with family in Newfoundland over the airwaves (Skype video rocks!), visiting a ‘Head shop‘ (to gawk in awe, rather than to partake ;)), and celebrating Douglas Spotted Eagle’s 24 hour and 1000 jump achievements with a yummy traditional Thai meal, priceless!

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The art of flying

It’s been almost a month since we had the chance to last skydive over California. And since then, we’ve been on the go-go-go, filling our lives with such wonderful adventures and tangents. However, now that we are blessedly stationary, I’ve been noticing how picky I’ve become in my opportune moments to leap like a lemming….


Walking the line

After a lot of time confined to small spaces, I find the need to explore and walk. With a passion for walking, I love to stretch my limbs, feeling their length and the power of my physical body. With the skydivers on hold due to the approaching storm, I had the opportunity to explore the…

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Nesting in SoCal

slaDE~ and I made the commitment today to spend a couple of weeks stationed here at Skydive Elsinore. I’m excited! We haven’t remained stationary for more than a week since leaving Texas. I’m feeling the need to nest. Get myself organized. Start on my tax prep. Stuff. Important matters that are hard to attend to…

Lake Elsinore bound

Skydive Perris is to Lake Elsinore as Skydive Spaceland is to Skydive Houston. The latter drop zones have so much more character, in our opinions, and display the sort of personalities that really draw us to the sport, the people, upholding our vision of what skydiving is all about for uS. Don’t get me wrong,…

Ode to Airplanes

The weather was cloudy but seemingly holding constant. A perfect day to explore March Field Air Force Museum! “March Field Air Museum serves as home to over 70 historic aircraft and many inside displays relating to the history of March Field, now known as March Air Reserve Base.”


It feels as if we’ve been planning today’s Lululemon yogaFLIGHT community workshop in Beverly Hills for ever. But in reality, it’s only been 3 weeks in the making. So in an effort to be early for our 9am start, we arose super early in case of any blips that might arise. Luckily, our Saturday morning…