a shower and a tear

Busy busy busy day! My work is moving from our current residence to Southport, a good long hike away from where we are currently. And also an hours more commute than what I have. No more leaving out the door last minute, or quick jaunts home enjoying a lazy lunch, for that matter. Sigh ….
But on the plus side, I get to bike an hour each way. Which means built in exercise. Yay! Love being able to move the body. Check back in a few weeks and ask me then how I’m enjoying the transition.

bridal showerAfter a nice savoury lunch at home (a whole hour spent on the phone scrambling to restructure my wallet contents — ID most importantly — after losing it on Friday afternoon), I returned to work somewhat down and incredibly tired. Been burning the midnight oil on both sides, and the loss in sleep is finally catching up. Trying to fit too much in within a limited time span, it seems. I normally enjoy 8 hours a night. However, I’m finding that 5 hours just doesn’t cut it! After dragging my butt back, I was asked to join Vickie in the main meeting room to discuss something important. To my total surprise, the whole dang floor was awaiting my presence. I’ll be danged! A bridal shower! I truly never thought about it and was totally caught off guard. How lovely my friends and coworkers are. And indeed, I was literally the blushing bride. Beautiful flowers, tasty summer fruit and a succulent cake was enjoyed by all. But wait! They even gave me their collection of money …. knowing that we’re not in need of any STUFF, we were blesses with a nice gifting of cash, which will go towards buying the organic king sheet set that I want. Yippee!

The generosity of people astound each and every days, often in many different ways. I am so blessed. And I am so excited, thrilled, happy. Running on adrenalin basically.

10 more sleeps to the big day 🙂

The Eco-Wedding: saving the Earth, one vow at a time

In my research, I have discovered that the average cost of a North American wedding is $27000. WOW! No wonder so many couples are eloping either locally or with an exotic destination in mind. Why pay such an exorbitant amount of money over 1 day when one can have a luxurious honeymoon on top of the wedding for a 1/4 of that price (or less, depending on how frugal or extravagant one might be)? I can only imagine the amount of waste generated by that kind of venue.

We’ve decided that the ‘theme’ behind our wedding will be to generate as little waste as possible, all the while supporting local and organic vendors.

Aspiring to be a role model for other eco-friendly events, we hope to lead by example, revealing to our family and friends that ‘green’ living doesn’t have to be a difficult or painful choice (kudos to the many attending who already live by eco-friendly principles). We all benefit when making healthy, fulfilling and sustainable choices: organic, environmentally friendly and supporting the local community. In my own opinion, our August 22 wedding is not only a celebration of our love and union, but also an honouring of our beliefs and values. And to be able to share in these is truly remarkable and joyful.

The website Organic Grace puts it best:

Our quest to create a healthier environment for our family and friendsreminds us again of our interconnectedness to our planet. When we remove the harmful chemicals from our own lives, we stop supporting the dumping of these poisons into our eco-system. Buying organic, or living a less toxic life, is not only a loving act towards ourselves, but towards the planet as well.

Airstream a-go-go

The reality of an impending marriage — that being my own — was finally sinking in. WoW! And the excitement growing within me was beyond anything I have ever experienced!

Stage two of rapid-fire adrenalin overload. Nonchalantly, on Tuesday evening, slaDE~ presented me with another possible option for an Airstream trailer. Over the past 2 years, he has been diligently hunting for and researching our future home and dream … a silver bullet-like trailer, preferably an Airstream. Not only have we consolidated our bank accounts but most importantly, we have encompassed our dreams into an actual visualization. Now that’s what I call a melody! From day one, our dream of a life on the road has resoundingly been in tune.

1994 60th Anniversary 34 foot AirstreamAnd here it was, a beautiful trailer, with EVERYTHING that we could have dreamed of, plus more. The only ‘hurdle’ …. it was put up for bid on eBay. Neither of us have ever made a purchase greater than $300. The thought of entering into this bidding war on a trailer, sight unseen, was a huge risk, but we were willing to take the chance on our dream. And lept we did, like lemmings. For the first time in 2 years, I did not hesitate at slaDE~s suggestion; I urged him to make an eBay bid on the Ontario-residing trailer … and from that we learned a WHOLE bunch about how an automatic bidder works!

If you bid above the reserve price (which is an invisible-to-the-buyer price tag), it will immediately go straight for the kill and bottom out just above the hidden reserve bid. When we entered our bid, it leapt from $12000 to $20000, instantaneously. Shazaam! Our hearts vaulted straight to our throats, with both of us uttering a GASP! Before we could say ‘eBay’, as it stood, the Airstream was momentarily ours! However, with eBay, the sale isn’t complete until the fat lady sings. For three vivid days, we watched our bid lead the pack. Our anticipation and excitement was rising. Would we earn the rights to this home?? With fingers, toes, eyes and legs crossed, the end of the week came and we huddled around our MACs and watched the race begin, 20 minutes before the sale was fait-de-complet. Turns out several buyers also had their eye on this pristine jewel (described as a Miami Yacht inside — totally gutted and refinished). Watching the time click slowly by was like watching a competitive horse race in slow motion. The action was tremendous as it unfolded. Lots of whooping and hollering went on as the final stretch came into sight whilst another bidder was trying to outbid our set reserve price.

A gamble it was, for both of us, but in the end we won. By a nice comfortable margin, I must say. The final second elapsed and slaDE~ looked over at me, a look of surprised disbelief on his face (shame I didn’t have my camera turned out — that was indeed a precious expression), as the reality sunk in that we were proud owners of a pimped out anniversary edition Airstream, catapulting us to the next level of our dreams …. the sKY & slaDE~ travelling roadshow. More pictures to come.