95/366. The Grand Canyon at the break of dawn! Believe it or not, we just managed to capture a few photos before it started to pour rain. The rest of the day was a washout, literally. Grateful however for managing to witness this beautiful sunrise.


93/366. A beautiful desert ‘rose’ amidst all the thorns! After setting aside the camera, my husband quickly scooped it from me in order to capture the same flower with a beautiful little visitor!



92/366. Al and Pixie pose after landing from their wedding ceremony in Burner’s balloon, over the Arizona desert. Truly an inspiring couple …. skydiving is their passion and their forte (Al, having lost both of his lower limbs, is a tremendously talented freeflyer), and their love is as red as Pixie’s canopy.

Earth Day revisited

Yesterday was such a beautiful day to bless, protect and respect our Mother Earth! Initially slaDE and I had hoped to either plant a tree or pick up garbage, but with 10 cm of recent fallen snow hampering those efforts, I felt the need to contribute in another way … so at work, I simply…

Earth Day

Be kind to your Mother Earth today …. show her some love! Small baby steps, breath by breath, we can make small changes, impacting the greater good from which we are born, and which we shall all return. Think of her as your very own Mother. Treat her with respect, love and grace. Acknowledge the…