Mom’s visit

Our visit with my Mom a few weekends back has been a shining highlight of my stay here in Calgary. It was such a playful and joy-filled 3 days together. But as all good things, it came to an end far too quickly!

* * * * Mom and slaDE~, 2 of my favourite people in this world!
Mom and slaDE~ ... too of my favourite people

* * * * On top of the world, with Mom (aka The Calgary tower)
The Calgary Tower

* * * * Ever the adventurer, slaDE~ was up for a fanciful pony ride!
Metal pony

* * * * Bang a gong: making music with my Mama
the gong show

* * * * Lindsey today was all play and no work (currently the top sales Manager with Discover Banff Tours)
Lindsey and Discover Banff Tours

* * * * Family friends of old (I didn’t even know that Marion and Dave lived in Calgary!)
The Wolff's with Mom

* * * * Breakfast in Banff: Lindsey (attired in her latest blue souvenir from boxing) with my Mama.
Lindsey and Mom

* * * * Visiting the Banff Upper Hot Springs
Banff hot springs and Mama

* * * * Enjoying a sleigh ride through a the fields of Banff
sleigh ride

* * * * Enjoying the views of Calgary
The Calgary Tower views

* * * * I inspired a digital camera demon in my Mother! She is far more enthusiastic than I could ever be with her digital dreams.
The Calgary Tower views

My beautiful Mother and the relationship that I share with her is so absolutely different than that which I grew up with. Or to be fair, I rather should state that we both have grown into fabulous loving people with an incredible blessed support base of family and friends around us.

I love you Mom! I truly adore and appreciate the fact that you are such an avid proud supporter and fan of my writing and blogging!)

Week 7 Project Theme — ‘My Walk to Work’

elements of Mission
With the Flickr admins falling behind in their definition of project themes AGAIN (no pressure, no pressure), I’ve again taken it on myself to find a theme for this week. Hence, feeling playful and inspired, I’ve decided to extend the joy that I find in my walk to work, through the Mission District. 🙂
This theme is tougher than I thought …. narrowing down the number of special moments will be difficult, with natures varying moods and dimensions flavouring my background shots, dependent on the route that I take.

I have several different ways to navigate my stroll (or run!) to work. Usually I find the path of least resistance, as I’m customarily running late with my 8am start. My favourite, of course, is rambling through the park, via the Talisman, over the bridge and along the bicycle route. This extends my trip however, from 6 to 14 minutes (of course subject to the number of times I stop to smell the roses, enjoy the view and capture the moment).