A new community

Making SauerkrautWhat a great weekend of opportunity!
It started out Friday with a co-worker offering to give private lessons on learning single brushstroke painting. To my delight, slaDE decided that he wanted to take this private lesson together and learn a new cre8tive skill as well!

To follow, out of the blue, Tanya, a fellow member of freecycle, suggested that I might be interested in a ‘kraut’ party (being a raw food enthusiast now), Sunday night. That sounded like an incredible amount of fun, and very community oriented. I was most definitely game. Sunday evening came and I ended up meeting some fabulous new friends, making 4 large batches of sauerkraut (not your typical sauerkraut recipe, with such an endless possibility of enhancements — {organic everything} – carrots, seaweed, burdock root, juniper berries, ginger root, numerous spices & herbs, etc!

Growing up with traditional German Grandparents (who savoured such foods as blood sausage, head cheese, cow’s tongue and brain sandwiches), I was introduced to the joys of sauerkraut at a very young age. So upon discovering this party, I was stoked at the thought of participating. It was amazing and so much more than I could ever have expected. I found an extremely healthy, environmentally concerned, raw-oriented community. It was synergistic, as so many parts of my cleanse seem to be. Making SauerkrautTurns out, Laura (the partner of Malcolm, the raw chef and cre8tor of the superfood family) is a colon therapist. I was serious about finding such a specialist in Calgary, to further enhance my cleanse, but I wasn’t having much luck in finding one. Well Laura has taken me on as a new client, I am happy to say! It’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and most importantly, asking the right questions!

You may wonder what sauerkraut and a detox have in common? Well, part of my cleanse involves consuming pressed salads (high in digestive enzyme properties, and completely raw), and sauerkraut would be of the type. Although it won’t be ready for another 3 weeks, my digestive system will be forever thankful after my rigid schedule ‘winds’ down a bit. I don’t want to wait that long, but of course I will :).

In memorium

Robert Dziekanski

“People become good by doing good; it is rare that a person is good by nature alone.
Goodness does not exist so one can make use of it. Goodness does not flow from a place of weakness but one of power.”

~ Robert Dziekanski (the Polish gentleman who died at the hands of Canadian RCMP Officers using a taser gun)


Superfoods!I was just given this link by a fellow freecycling member (I wanted a food processor to make raw eating and prep all that much easier). The Superfood Family …. it’s a great starting resource for those who are interested in eating raw food or at least have toyed with the idea of introducing the concepts into their lifestyle. I’m so happy {and lucky} that this ‘Superfood Family’ is locally based! Their newsletter is quite informative, and incredibly positive.

In my research, I’m discovering that the best way to look after AND respect my body (and self) is to feed it the healthiest foodstuffs … those being raw, organic plant based foods.

As Malcolm from the Superfood Family says: “We are what we eat and so if we want to have healthy bodies we should make sure we put healthy things into them.”

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s been such an interesting process so far. My coworkers are amazed at my stamina and most believe that they couldn’t find the self-discipline to participate in such a cleanse, especially a long one. I think that most could if they WANTED to. That’s the difference … a successful detox means that you have to believe in yourself and want the process {and end result}.

strengthI’m discovering a new-found core strength that I never knew existed within me. When I love, nurture and respect my body and my health – making healthy choices for myself has been relatively painless and ‘easy’. In my 17 days of detoxification, I haven’t strayed from my plan or wavered from the prescribed routine of my ‘diet’. No sugar (apart from the natural sweetness found in juices), no carbs, no chocolate — that’s been the tough one, no nothing bad for me. Temptation thrives at every corner, but I refuse to succumb. I’ve put so much effort, love, joy and money into this detox, that I can’t justify not maintaining it to the perfection that I know. AND as a bonus, I feel strong and clear and clean. I truly feel that a live-food raw lifestyle will filter into my livelihood. Slade however has no desire to prescribe to such a change. And that is perfectly okay, if that is what he wants and needs to maintain his energy and health. Amen to knowing our limitations and understanding what we all need and want in life.

Peace of Mind Cookies

SuperfoodsThis recipe comes from Laura Milinusic and her Superfood Family, based here in Calgary (what a treasure find for me, at this time … day 17 of my detox!!!)

Peace of Mind Cookies
1 cup sprouted buckwheat
1 cup coconut flakes
1/4 cup ground flax seeds
1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup carob powder
1/4 cup spirulina
1/4 cup goji berries
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup cacao butter
3 tbsp agave
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp bee pollen

You can find the video at: lifeandlove.tv/video.cfm/cid/2001/vid/1041.

Enjoy 🙂

I’m so excited at the prospect of making them, especially as I’ve really gotten into my sprouting. What a treasure resource this website is.

RSS Discovery

RSS FeedI just learned something new today! I can get an RSS feed off of my blog … yeah!

You can find and read it at: feed://skydiva67.livejournal.com/data/rss

What is RSS?
The Internet today contains a wealth of information. Avid Internet users visit many interesting websites and read many articles. Information and web pages make their way in to the favorite folder for later viewing. Over the course of time, re-visiting these bookmarks becomes a major task for users especially as the number of bookmarks grows. A better technique for users is to automatically receive information about updates to their favorite websites.

RSS is a web content syndication format. It is a lightweight XML format designed for syndicating (distributing) information. Anything that can be broken down into discrete items can be syndicated via RSS.

How to Read RSS Feeds?
Internet users can employ special software, like newsreaders and RSS-aggregators, to organize RSS feeds and get automatic updates. Products like Active Web Reader allow you to read RSS files.

Can you imagine? Skydiving from a MV-22 Osprey

The bella OspreyThe MV-22 Osprey is a controversial Tilt-Rotor Aircraft that has now been deployed to Iraq (contentious because “Three fatal accidents during testing, questionable maintenance records and a one-time fluke in computer hardware have left critics claiming that the Osprey is fundamentally unsafe). This aircraft is a tiltrotor vertical / short takeoff and landing (VSTOL), multi-mission air-craft developed to fill multi-Service combat operational requirements.

Osprey jumpsSo when the Golden Knights get involved, you know that this is the type of jumpship, beyond a C130 {in my eyes}, that dreams are made of.

The Osprey can also be used as a platform for parachutists. The jumps would most likely be at very low altitude for most military missions, but the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights parachute team make a much higher drop here.

Ooohhh, I must admit, a wee bit of jealousy exists at the thought of jumping from this large bird of prey!

In Remembrance

Every day is Remembrance DayToday is a beautiful day outside, with brilliant blue skies and silky white wispy clouds. The air is crisp and clean (as unpolluted as you can get with living downtown Calgary) and I’m feeling rather solemn, thinking about the meaning behind this holiday weekend that we have here in Canada. Not only is it a day to remember the soldiers that have fallen, fighting for our freedom, but it is a day to contemplate the loss of those who have senselessly died in our world, victims of political and religious dogmas gone awry.

I feel that we live in a time of incredible imbalance. In general, the priorities of power (wealth / materialism, etc) linked to happiness is so out of harmony with what is important in our ailing society. For those of us humankind where balance is a necessity, and the nurturance of our Mother Earth and the Peace of Humanity is a priority, it is important to remember where we’ve come from and where we are causally going. Lest We ForgetAt times, it feels that society is not learning from the life lessons of the past. Bearing this in mind, knowing that change starts with one person at a time, the task I’ve given myself is to remember (and to remind myself daily of) … the lessons that I’ve learned {from both failure and success, pain and sorrow}; the values that I strongly believe in and live; that balance in my life helps to perpetuate the balance within others; and, the love and gifts that I have to offer will benefit others around us, making the world a better place, moment by moment, person by person.

“Praising what is lost Makes the remembrance dear”
– – William Shakespeare

Raw Tahini


Raw Tahini

1 cup raw white hulled sesame seeds {soaked in enough water to cover for 30-40 minutes}
filtered water {as needed to blend well, maybe 1/4 cup or so}
2 tablespoons olive oil
pinch sea salt

Blend soaked sesame seeds with their soaK water, olive oil and salt. Add filtered water until the tahini has reached the desired consistency. If you have cold pressed sesame oil, use that instead of the olive oil.