Tired but content

exhaustedThe days are getting shorter, the weather has a chill in the air and without even a breath of warning, summer ended and danced to the end of Fall rather than the beginning. For the most part, the leaves are on the ground without even a week of an autumn preview. How I miss the colourful kaleidoscope of Ontario maple ‘showers’!

The weekend went by so quickly! I had the joy of chauffeuring my niece from the Calgary airport to Banff whilst catching up on the family time that I rarely get to experience with her. Taking advantage of the mountain air, I submerged myself in the decadence of the Banff hot-springs, trying to melt away the stress from the past few days I’ve had at work. A HUGE conference is happening this Friday for my department, and on Wednesday they dropped a bombshell in my lap: finishing a program brochure to be printed by Monday morning. Since then, I dedicated all of my working hours to the project plus an extra 10.5 hours of overtime. I certainly deserved the comfort of a release of tension.

The evening was spent with my lovely husband, celebrating our special mas-iversary that we enjoy monthly. The company was decadent but the mexican food left much to be desired. We’ve been spoiled by our food experiences south of the american border.

After a lazy lie in, we were entranced by the dvd ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. Actually last night I started to watch it but fell asleep within a few minutes (I know, impossible you say … asleep during HP??!). And then we cycled over to visit with our LRC friends. Most importantly I saw my beloved Bill.

Our meeting was cut short as I promised to go into to work to finish the project started on Wednesday. I’m happy to say, it is complete and no longer a source of stress.

Neither seen nor heard

bearskinrug.co.uk rocKS!
Ever have one of those days where, at first you long to be heard and seen for the real breathing thriving lovely person that you are, and then. Nothing. No desire. No longing. No nothing. Hibernation mode. Locked away. No need for liberation. There never was. It’s the earth and its people that needs to be rescued.

Maeghan has the idea … a journey worth living for, thriving for, fighting for. Bravo Maeghan!!

Today I’m grateful for…


a loving husband to share my daily journey.
true loVE.
the Library.
Literacy and penmanship.
Harry Potter.
a job that affords me a regular income.
my famiLY.
my sisterS.
my girlfriends.
hummus. (the homemade variety)
love stories and the 1000th jump.
spell check.
a body, albeit aching, that works and serves me.

Join me in expressing your gratitude … what are you thankful for, in this very moment??


September 11th is a reminder: be everything that you can be. Be grateful for every ordinary and extra-ordinary day, and realize how precious and fragile life is. Engineer you own happiness, your own peaceful world.

As Goenka G subscribes: It can change; it will change. Ever-changing. Life-changing.

September 11th … thoughts on Peace

Inner Peace

Not just any day to be conscious of the world around us, but a day to remember those who lost their lives 6 years ago in the falling of the World Trade Center.

World peaceI like this quote best from my brilliant skydiving friend Brian … in it, I feel, he expresses a view on how to move forward past the pain of history’s memories into a place where personal responsibility and ownership can potentially create a sanctuary of peace within, reflecting harmony in our world without …

A message to the people of Earth:
We are bound in our journey;
from fear into fearless compassion.
Let us not contract into a shadowy version of who we could be,
but expand outward into unlimited possibility.

We must let go of the trauma
and return to a state of peace.
Only then will we win the war against terror
that wages within our hearts.

We can put out the fire.
Brian Germain

VIn their own way, the Beatles conveyed it succinctly and righteously.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need!