sand castles in the skY

sand dreamsWhat a fun way to pass the afternoon … we went to the Calgary Adventure and Travel show at the Stampede grounds this afternoon. It was fun to dream of travels abroad and adventures extraordinaire … but those luscious visions need to be contained for just a while longer while we raise the capital to fund our exploits.

It was exciting to actually play and ‘fly’ on the EuroBungy trampoline bungee. After 10 minutes of thrills, flips and somersaults, both slaDE and I were pretty exhausted. And then explored the exhibits further, only to discover a professional sculptor of Nature! Peter Vogelaar is a world champion sand/snow sculptor. We spent a good amount of time chatting with him about his awesome talents (after checking out his photographic portfolio of work). Check out his site @ I’m wanting to redesign his website for him … we’ll see what he thinks!

Magnetic Fridge Poetry

I was updating my Facebook profile with some of my favourite poems … and then I thought about my own inspirations … those cre8ted on various fridges over the years.

Here’s a sampling of my quick artistic expressions, many simple and a few profound (to me, anyway):

up thy beauty celebrate naked & frolic
we could dream glistening blue passion between flickering candle dance
sky flys to entwine loves fantasy
he wanted fun
have cheek
go down and
drink pleasure
lustful delicious strong sex
hungering him
champagne soaked through
i felt tiny
sunrise morning
lift full day
cherish my woman
adore her sacred heart
say which
know when
remember joy
i must love baby girl
bathe near aroma clutch his embrace cuddle away
one kiss shall whisper together forever
perfumed bouquet can drop diamond arrow arm gaze-ing
another squeeze and goddess devours god
never explore chocolate as love
cupid escapes ache here at my heart
tantalize my dear
lay rhythm all evening
do guy
you and me fly lingering on eternal clouds of gentle promise

Never again

Ok, this might be a bit too personal for your preferences … so stop here!

Never again: will I eat a load of raw vegetables before yoga class (even 2 hrs before). With each twist during my practice, I could feel a surging air pocket within me gasping to be released. Flatulence during yoga is very distracting and unappealing, especially if you’re the one trying to contain them (hiding them is pretty impossible, because even if they’re silent, the fumes would knock over even the most grounded of yogis). Trust me on this one.

Frontpage you say?

For you techies out there who might be wondering why a proficient Dreamweaver user like myself would want to learn the functions of a mediocre program like Frontpage (the fact that it’s a Microsoft product already has me reeling), here’s the scoop.

Part of my new job description with the Health Region is as their dedicated Web Designer (they were shouting hallelujah and kissing my shoes on the first day 😉 ). But there was one glitch, in my mind. CHR is unwilling to I have me use anything other than this MS product … hence, I wanted to take advantage of a bit of extra training on something that they are forcing me to use.

Hope that answers your questions :). Me, I’d be happy to work from home when they want web stuff done … but they wouldn’t budge on that one. Drat!

today I ….

– took an Advanced training course in Frontpage with CTC TrainCanada (paid through work) and found myself disappointed with the instruction, but especially discontent with the WYSIWYG editor itself
– discovered Facebook (and reacquainted myself with some old friends and relatives)
– had a fulfilling yoga practice with a marvelous steam session to follow
– realized that I am now classified as one of the ‘bendy’ ones
– almost peed myself laughing when slaDE realized that Durian fruit really DOES smell (and taste?) like vomit
– came to an understanding that luscious Jackfruit does not equal Durian fruit, although they are both tropical and look almost exactly alike (i.e. gigantic and spiky)
– spent WAY too much time in front of a computer … whaT’s new?! LOL
Googly eyes

The Intrepid, Ill-Fated Parachutist

Franz ReicheltWhen I was a wee child, I had always wanted to learn how to fly (and even went as far as jumping off objects with both an umbrella and a garbage bag!). Franz paid the ultimate price by taking this notion a tad bit too far … basically base jumping without a parachute. Egads!

Death by Overcoat Parachute Failure

In 1911, French tailor Franz Reichelt decided to test his invention, a combination overcoat and parachute, by jumping off the Eiffel Tower. Actually, he told the authorities that he would use a dummy, but at the last minute decided to test it himself. It was no surprise that he fell to his death.

There’s even a YouTube clip of his fatal jump.

International Polar Year

International Polar Year

In what may turn out to be the biggest international scientific project to date, an army of thousands of scientists will spend the next two years studying the Arctic and Antarctic as part of the International Polar Year, which officially begins this week. Organizers of the project say as many as 50,000 researchers from 63 countries will take part in the program, which seeks to focus both scientific and public attention on Earth’s polar regions.

Check it out at:

The ‘biggest international scientific project’ with “50,000 researchers from 63 countries”? One would think this would be BIG news. I only stumbled across it in my surfings. Shouldn’t this be headlining the front page of some noteworthy (tongue-in-cheek) newspaper, or something??!

PS I dare you to find this article in a newspaper and then, I might reconsider my sarcastic judgement 🙂

An afternoon at the ballet

It was slaDE~s idea … Who would have thought??!

Cinderella ballet
On the 22nd of this month, our month anniversary date, slaDE~ made a strong affirmation that he really wanted to go see the ballet, never having experienced the elegance of such a venue. Living mere blocks away from the home of the National Alberta Ballet, we are often inspired by their colourful advertising campaign which graces many a billboard in the area. So on the phone slaDE was for hours yesterday, attempting to get the best seats for the “Cinderella” matinee scheduled for this afternoon. He was successful! We had Row A, slightly to the right of centre stage within the Orpheus Theatre on the SAIT campus.

Cinderella slippersThe performance was truly thrilling, colourful in both motion and splendour. I secretly would have loved some sort of dialogue (having been a fan of this Disney classic since my wee childhood) but understandably, it’s not about the acting, but rather, more about the dance.

The Royal Alberta Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied the performance and complimented the natural flow of the flamboyant artists. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

But to be honest, I think one of my favourite aspects of the whole event was witnessing the birth of so many princesses in their lovely ballet slippers and Cinderella dresses. I never expected to see so many young girls, dressed in their Sunday best gowns. It was such a precious sight to behold. Made me whimsical about my dreams as a young girl who like a Cinderella in her own right!

Global Warming – Gore hits the nail on the head

Al Gore made this wonderful anaolgy to Global Warming yesterday when he made pleas for the environment before U.S. Congress, in Washington. His biggest Congressional skeptic, Senator James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, who has called threats of catastrophic warming “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” challenged his views on Global Warming.
In my opinion, Gore hit the nail on the head in his response:

“The planet has a fever,” he said. “If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor. If the doctor says you need to intervene here, you don’t say, ‘I read a science fiction novel that says it’s not a problem.’ You take action.”

Climate GuyHere’s an article that will give you some tips on Taking Action: “The Low Carbon Diet“.


Midday arrived all too suddenly … the snow had melted somewhat and icy roads were soggy rather than treacherous. We had arranged to meet my step-sister Lindsey in lake Louis for an afternoon of snowshoeing. Haven’t done that since I was a teen, so we were looking forward to discovering LL and all its delights. But Mother Nature sometimes can cre8te unexpected diversions, which can lead to new revelations and explorations.

Just the other side of Golden, the road was closed due to a mudslide on the Trans-Canada. They said it would probably be open in two hours or so, but instead of waiting for the highway to open, we decided to take the Golden triangle detour. Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of the area:

The Golden Triangle is a major 330 km cycling route located in western Canada along the border between British Columbia and Alberta, forming a triangle with Lake Louise, Golden, BC and Radium, BC as its points. It crosses the continental divide twice, through the Kicking Horse Pass between Lake Louise and Golden, and the Vermillion Pass between Radium and Lake Louise. The portion from Lake Louise to Golden is considered particularly beautiful.

Knowing that this 2 hour deviation would make us way late for meeting Lindsey, I tried giving her a call, but only managed to leave a voicemail. I was praying that she wasn’t there and waiting for us. Cell phone reception in the mountains is rather sporadic, and the day would leave us with the inability to connect with Lindsey. Quite disappointed about that. However, in the interim, we thoroughly enjoyed our drive through the glorious Columbia Valley. The sun finally broke through, shining brightly (a first for the weekend) and made for some sun-sational photo ops. Revisiting Radium at the beginning of a dawning spring was so wonderful, especially after our glorious icy snowy New Year’s retreat experience.

We decided to take a quick meander down to Sinclair Falls on the Juniper trail. Do you recall my photo of the frozen goose? This is the same magical place that that picture was taken. But I tell you, with a newly emerging season, the falls takes on a different persona. Remnants of ice and slushy snow remained, but the green of the moss and catapulting river revealed a totally different world. Again, I took my time, photographing every step along the way. To my surprise, slaDE had crossed the raging river (via a rather small but solidly place tree branch between the banks) and was exploring the falls up close and personal. I admired him from afar, until slaDE beckoned for me to join him. Well, you could say that I was rather reluctant to cross that tiny pole on my lonesome. I’m a scare-dy cat, truly! But being the gentleman that he is, he re-crossed and guided me gently across the itty bitty bridge to the other side. My heart was racing as the water surged dangerously close beneath us. But as he noted, the view was spectacular and well-worth the risk of passage.

The cascading Falls roared in our ears … and to my delight, we took plenty of stunning pictures, including a couple on timer (I was rather skittish leaving our new camera self-perched on a slippery sloping rock, without a tripod). We look like such a happy content couple! I’m grateful that in reality, that is what we are :).

Next stop, revisiting Radium Hot Springs hot pools. Again, a totally different experience. This time the ‘cool pool’ was open (but to slaDE~s consternation, the diving board was still tucked away). And no longer did ice cling to every available crevice. Green green everywhere with sunny rocky overhangs blending into the background. What a wonderful way to spend 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon.