No guns involved on this hunting expedition!

Sunday …. our chosen together time. The moment for dreaming, discovering, re-energizing, breathing together and playing. But first we had to get the laundry out of the way!

Airstream dreamsWe have so been looking forward to this day …. exploring the Calgary RV Exposition & Sale at the Stampede grounds (a mere 5 blocks away from us!). And delve we did. I was like a kid in a toy box …. I had to go through each and every RV, finding what I liked and disliked most in the potential of our future home. We weren’t out to buy. Rather we were window shopping, with a bit more active participation on our part. The closest that I came to my dream home was a $200000 bus, loaded, detailed and furnished beautifully. But we’re not in the market for a bus. We hunger for an Airstream (or the likeness thereof, such as an Avion or a Boles Aero) and the vintage experience that will go with our chosen full-timing lifestyle. And we already have the truck well within sight and prospect. Delicious!

The day ended somewhat in a lull. What happened to the airing of Desperate Housewives?!!

Tibetan influences

Tibetan singing bowlSlaDE~ spent the day at work in Canmore. With it being the weekend, I wanted a bit of mobility. So I dropped him off at 6am in the morning (It’s a time of rest and relaxation, for pete’s sake! Time for sleeping in … NOT. My poor baby is working so hard for us!) and made the most of my light-traffic time on the road. I scooted to the northeastern corner of Calgary to pick up some freecycling treasures. The day passed in a blur. I was so happy to have some ME time! Not used to this working gig :).

I fetched my honey in the early evening, just in time to meet Migmar’s family and friends. Migmar is a Tibetan monk who moved here to Calgary 1.5 years ago. A very talented, hard-working and kind man. I’ve been collecting items for both his family and his newly landed Tibetan friends, helping them settle into a new city, new home. And what hospitality! Delicious Mo-mo’s (Tibetan dumplings) and traditional chai tea warmed our bellies. With immense gratitude, Migmar gifted us with 2 baked clay creations crafted in his spare time (with two full time jobs and a newborn, that’s gotta be tough to find). Our purpose for the visit was two-fold … dropping off my freecycle procurements and collecting a hand-made Tibetan singing bowl. The price was perfect and the song, profound and mystical.

How to Use:
Place bowl in the palm of your hand. Hold the wooden striker in your other hand, pointing down toward the bowl. Strike the side of the bowl at the rim. In a clockwise motion, touch the side of the bowl at the rim as the bowl is still sounding, and “pick up” the tone, carrying it around the top rim of the bowl. Adjust pressure and speed as you rub the dowel around the bowl rim. Through practice you will learn about the varying nuances, and become proficient in making it sing. Listen for overtones and lighten if the sound dampens. Practice and enjoy!

What a blessing to find such interesting and wonderful friends in this new-found home of ours.

Wrestling with my wrists

Its been such a busy week with me going back to work. I’m really sorry for not having written more personal stuff sooner.

A brief summation about my job — it’s with Calgary Regional Health in their Family Planning Clinic and I am the temporary fill-in Administrative Secretary and all-around gopher, basically :). I really don’t have a desk or space to call my own, but instead, I float around from office to computer, depending on who is there or not for the day. A full 37.5 work week, and I was pretty grateful for the weekend to roll around! I must admit, however, that my boss Alison makes the job every bit worthwhile. Such a pleasant and lovely person to work for, and she is gracious with gratitude for the work I do and for my cre8tive input. Can’t ask for anything better really, in the workplace.

oucH!Tired and with aching wrists, I dragged myself home tonight straight for bed (rather than head to the gym, which has been my steady routine this past week). I actually gave up my evening yoga routine – temporarily, that is! You know its gotta be bad.

You see, for the past 4 years since working for myself, I’ve never had any difficulty my wrists, even with endless hours spent designing on my computer. But working on different keyboards with various mice (on my laptop, I use my keypad as my mouse) has given me the beginning signs of carpel tunnel syndrome. And my yoga classes in the evenings focus on a lot of shoulder and arm strength, which in turn have aggravated my wrists even more. I’m weak in that upper body region as it is; no need to exacerbate it, at least for the time being.

But I must admit, I’m really missing our daily yoga classes, especially with slaDE~ conitnuing to go. The hour sessions provided me with a HUGE motivation to go to the gym daily, but now, I get bored otherwise, lifting some weights and speed walking on the treadmill. I’ve bought a wrist support, so we’ll see how that goes using it this week at work.

Aging: Can we live to be 100?

ageAccording to PBS, the average American lifespan is 78 years.
If you can spare 13 minutes, this fascinating video aired on PBS’s Nova a few weeks ago and it’s well worth watching!
Hmmmm, if I had the choice, would I really want to live to be 100?

Back in the saddle again

Unbelievable! I went for a really wonderful interview yesterday afternoon with and early this morning, they called me with a temp job to go to on Monday. It may only be from 2 weeks to a month in length but WOW, it’s a really fabulous placement! I’ll be working for the City Regional Health Association in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Department as assistant to the Manager. A really senior placement with great money for a temp position. Best of all, it’s only a 20 minute walk to work!

Can you believe that this will be the first office position that I’ve held in over 15 years? How on earth am I going to get used to a 9 to 5 routine? Wish me luck :).

Rude Awakening

Do you smell what I smell?Well, I finally discovered one of the not so positive aspects of living in our apartment. We live on a major thoroughfare and our bedroom is facing the road, with cars parked only feet away. At first when we moved in, the noise was rather disturbing and made for some very restless nights. However, with a fan in the background as extraneous noise, I managed to live through that and mentally block out the racket. But this morning, waking to the unappealing smell of diesel fumes in my nostrils was horrendous, especially when wakened from an intense skydiving dream!

Egads, do I need to have a gas mask on hand for those truly special moments in life?
slaDE~ may be gaseous at times, (not that I’m an angel 😉 but this really takes the cake!

Nice smelly!

Deodorizing Room Spray
Inspired by Better Basics for the Home, by Annie Berthold-Bond

This is SO simple to make, and all you do is spritz some into the air of any area that needs freshening. Why go toxic when you can have a lovely all-natural deodorizing spray?!


8 drops essential oil of lavender
4 drops bergamot essential oil
4 drops clove essential oil
2 drops peppermint essential oil
1/2 cup vodka
1/2 cup distilled water

1. Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle, shaking well to mix.
2. In any areas that need freshening, simply spritz four or five times into the air.

Makes 1 cup