Natural Advice

I read a really interesting book lately called “Miracle cures : dramatic new scientific discoveries revealing the healing powers of herbs, vitamins” by Jean Carper.

For my own health, I felt that it was important to write down the natural healing benefits of those listed herbs & vitamins.
Having done the legwork, I thought that I would pass on this really interesting and useful info to you!
Please note, however, that this data is taken directly from the book. It is not intended as medical advice and offers no warranties.
In other words, I am not responsible for any actions you may take in association with this information.

Enough said … Below is a listing of the vitamin / herb’s name plus the associated benefits it is thought to be good for as well as a recommended daily dosage.

CoQ-10 (Heart Energizer):
thought to be good for / as => a heart energizer; slowing down Parkinson’s, Huntingtons, MS; breast cancer
recommended dosage –> 90 to 390 mg / daily

Ginkgo (Memory Pill):
thought to be good for / as => an aid to prevent memory decline, Alzheimer’s; possibly Tinnitus, head trauma
recommended dosage –> 240 mg / daily

Feverfew (Nature’s Mighty Aspirin):
thought to be good for => migraines, anti-inflammatory
recommended dosage –> 300 mg / daily (often 100 mg is enough)

Glucosamine (Wonder Drug for Osteoarthritis):
thought to be good for => helping to regenerate cartilage (as does Chondroitin, which draws fluid into cartilage and thus attracts nutrients), relieves pain, swelling and tenderness by rebuilding stiff joint tissue
recommended dosage –> glucosamine sulfate with chondroitins (including Cosamin) may all work with 1500 mg of glucosamine and 1200 mg of chondroitin

Echinacea (unique infection fighter):
thought to be good for => fighting an infection
recommended dosage –> 900 mg a day (3 x 300 mg powder doses) for 10-14 days without interuption {EchinaGuard by Nature’s Way is the best}

Valerian (God’s Valium):
thought to be good as a => splendid sleeping pill
recommended dosage –> 300 – 500 mg, 1 hr before bedtime (1/2 to 1 tsp as fluid)

Milk Thistle (Nature’s way of curing Liver Damage):
recommended dosage –> 280 mgs a day as maintenance

Bee Pollen (Hay Fever medicine):
thought to be good for => relief of allergies
recommended dosage –> Start taking it in little amounts to see if you have an allergic reaction; if not increase dosage

Ginger (Nature’s AntiNausea Drug):
recommended dosage –> 2 500 mg tablets b4 boarding vehicle to ward off nausea for 4 hrs

Kava (Exotic New Tranquilizer):
thought to be good for => helping to deal with stress and anxiety
recommended dosage –> 180 mg a day (or 60 mg 3 x per day). 120 – 180 mg for helping to sleep 1 hr prior {a squirt b4 bedtime }

Fish Oil / Omega 3s (The Universal Miracle Cure):
thought to be good for => joint problems, arthritis, colitus, IBS, high blood triglycerides, foul mood, attention deficit (ADHD)
recommended dosage –> 300 – 600 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per day {store in fridge}
— cut down on omega-6 to stop interference of beneficial qualities

Saw Palmetto (Prostate Remedy of Choice):
thought to be good for => helping to avoid the risk of impotence or incontinence associated with surgery
recommended dosage –> 320 mg per day, once or divided twice

Celery and Cherry Extracts (Gout medicines):
recommended dosage –> 15 – 25 cherries per day; 4 tablets of celery seed per day

Licorice (Chronic Fatigue fighter):
recommended dosage –> perhaps 5 mg per day

Grape Seed OPC and Pycnogenol (strengthens blood vessels and fights varicose veins):
thought to be good for => helping with allergies; diffusing high blood pressure; as an antioxidant, brain medicine
recommended dosage –> 150-300 mg daily to treat illness, 50 – 100 mg to maintain good vascular health

Peppermint oil (The Great Undiscovered Pain Medicine):
=> instead of taking an aspirin or tylenol, why not use a pleasant herb that can get rid of tension headaches?
recommended dosage –> apply on forehead and/or on the neck as well; apply with fingers or q-tip, no massage needed

Vitamin C & E (Marvelous Heart Drugs):
thought to be good for => blocked arteries, cholesterol
recommended dosage –> vitamin C 500 – 1000 mg daily and Vitamin E 400 – 800 IU daily

Dinner with friends

What a lovely way to spend a Monday evening …. dinner with newfound friends, our neighbours Joy and John. Lovely conversation, enjoyable company and the elegance of our warm surroundings made for a cozy experience :). Out of our similarities, I think I found myself a new morning walking partner in Joy (formerly a National Ballet Ballerina for 25 years and currently a yoga instructor). Hurrah!

X-Rated Mediocracy

I was so excited at the prospect of going in to the “Everything About Sex” trade show, being held at the Ex in Toronto. What a novel idea! Or so I thought it would be … but it turned out to be an over glorified sex shop at the pricey cost of $40 admission for us both.
What a shame .. It could have had so much potential!

We weaved our way through Toronto traffic, finding ourselves at the Panasonic theatre, hoping to catch last minute good tickets for “The Blue Man Group”. Again, disappointment. The seats were at the back of the hall … and at $59 a pop, we would wait for front row poncho seating. We have until January 2007 to enjoy slaDE~s anniversary gift to me, before the show closes up shop, earlier than expected for the city. Not enough interest?

At least our succulent lunching experience at ‘Spring Rolls’ Thai restaurant made up for the days accumulated disappointments.

Spending the rest of the afternoon and evening with Liv and Boz finished off our spectacular weekend with a lovely spirit of friendship and coupledom. (watching Desperate Housewives together made sure of that … but also made for a late arrival back home).

Simple luxuries

This weekend was set aside, just for us …. whatever we wanted to do whenever we wanted to do it. 5 years of our life together has afforded that simple luxury. Happy Anniversary baby. Due to the unique set of circumstances of our meeting and resultant relationship 5 years ago, I will NEVER forget our first 12 hours together. Neither will those that have heard the story! Maybe another time I will spin the yarn of our magical but yet extremely warped fairy tale first encounter. Luckily, the story after that mellows out … Somewhat ;).

We started out our day, recounting our love story, in bed. Oh, so lovely to sleep in and wake up in each others arms, watching the clouds sail by, listening to the pitter-patter of cascading rain and dancing horses hooves. Feeling somewhat guilty in our indulgence, with a heaving of effort, we clambered out of bed and made our way to the Waterloo Farmer’s Market. It was a lovely tour of reminiscence for slaDE …. He spent many a Saturday here with his family, growing up. The skies cleared briefly, and with my hopeful suggestion of a trip to the SWOOP drop zone, the weather gods would have it so that the clouds immediately rolled in again, winking the last brief rays of sunlight from its eyelashes.

I know how much slaDE misses jumping …. He’s only managed to leap like a lemming 14 times this season. An obvious withholding of pleasure, for the sake of us. I asked him why he was so slow on the uptake this year, and he told me that for one, he wanted to save money for our dream, and two, he was reluctant to spend our money on this simple pleasure that I, at the moment, was reluctant to partake in (due to my shoulder dislocation last summer). He’s so unique … in general, many male skydivers would say “C ya!” at the opportunity to jump …. He thinks of us first rather than himself. That’s an endearing loving quality of slaDE … another reason for which I look forward to spending another 50 years together.

After finding ourselves satiated with our market meanderings, we made our way into St Jacobs, looking for John Kepkiewicz’s (our famous Hawkesville neighbour) glass blowing studio. It didn’t take much sleuthing to find his workshop … the town is a quaint, thriving community housing a dichotomy of both cre8tive artists and upmarket boutiques. With the ramblings of the occasional Mennonite buggy, one has to admire the nobility of the divergent worlds.

Housed within an old mill, the glass creations were breathtaking in their kaleidoscope intricacy and molten colour. We spent the rest of our afternoon admiring Joy and John’s teamwork, moulding pillar candleholders that were beautiful in their artistic talent and cre8tivity. What a lovely afternoon! Amazing company, interesting conversations, fascinating craftsmanship … a splendid way to spend a cold autumn day (the furnaces for gathering and holding the glass measured well above 220 degrees F).

The evening was was superb! I spent 4 hours preparing a giant International feast of enticing new recipes, filled with garlic and fresh organic produce. Yummy. It felt wonderful to treat my honey to the efforts of my love. We ended our day watching one of my favourite movies of love … “At First Sight” with Mira Sorvino and Val Kilmer.

Petulant Pussy

I don’t get it?? In, out, in, out, in out, in out …. what do you want??
Of course, I am speaking of Tsumi … the ever-changing Siamese cat who can’t make up her mind on whether she wants to be inside or outside. Again, this morning within a 2 hour span, I had let her outside on the patio only to have her bellowing to be let in soon thereafter. I’ve been doing my yoga by the patio doors, enjoying the hard wood floors and little bouts of sunshine. Sensing that I was close by, she’d have her nose at the door. Trying to focus on my breath and not the blind kitty was tough, so I’d let her in, only to be meowed to death a few minutes later, where she’d run to the door, wanting out, but again! Can’t win …. but hey, that’s okay. It’s her thrown and I am her servant. Whatever she bids, it’s my command to help her. Who would have thought??!

Not the same without my Auntie

Thanksgiving celebrations just aren’t the same when a family member is missing due to ill-health. My Aunt Doris fell and fractured her pelvis in several places last week and is confined to a hospital bed for the next few weeks. Her partner Craig was there but Dorey’s celebratory spirit was sorely missed …..

It was a huge gathering at the Arden Park hotel’s Sunday buffet. SlaDE~ accompanied Ed and Heather (he was kitty-sitting yesterday and sacrificed his time in order for me to go home), completing to full tables of family and friends who we were thankful to have in our lives. Of course Sylvia, Michelle and Brian are like family to all of us, as is Ed, a regular feature at our household special events. We numbered 20 in total, but both my siblings, PJ and Lindsey, were dearly missed, as was my lovely Aunt.

A return to the homestead was in order for 1/3rd of us, where we ate even MORE food (unbelievable after the feast we just had) and played MORE charades.

What was really cool was the lesson Aaron gave to me and slaDE~ in showing us how she throws her ropes over the numerous trees pruned and felled (she’s an Arborist). I gave a feeble attempt at throwing and truly surprised myself my unusual lack of coordination :). And of course, slaDE~ was a natural star in accomplishing the pitch with ease and accuracy. Quite enjoyable really … A very fulfilling and enjoyable family weekend.

{2 in a row … wow, I AM truly blessed!!!)

Quality time

Family time is so important to me, especially after knowing that Christmas may not be spent in their presence this year (again …). It’s not the day, but how you spend it that’s important … Hence the delayed Thanksgiving get-together with Mom and her family, and time occupied with my younger sister before her India departure.

It was wonderful to catch up and to enjoy an evening spent playing charades …. I am usually reluctant at Aaron’s encouragement to partake, but in the end, am always grateful for the light-hearted entertainment that brings our family into action, together participating in quality time that DOESN”T revolve around electric appliances. Sylvia, Florence, Willy, Mom, Pat, Aaron and myself made hilarious fools of ourselves, laughing at each other’s crazy wild-armed antics that were really quite clever, cre8tive and humorous!
Bravo ….. (Pictionary is STILL my favourite game however ;))

Could it be falling golf balls, are they mothballs? What on earth is it?!

Egads!!! It’s snow! The size of falling flying saucers … They’re huGE!! Billowy and tangibly white. It’s official, sigh … Winter is here, or at least in the hair :).

I left poor Tsumi to wander lustlessly on the porch for her daily dose of fresh country air. It was quite adorable, watching her sniff the air as she, rather reluctantly and Matrix-like, waved her grey-black paw over the sliding door’s threshold, knowing that I would close it after her if she dared wander into the great abyss. After 5 minutes, she had had enough. This has happened 4 times already this morning (she rules the nest, her Siamese-ness) before deciding that, alas, it is far more comfortable in the warm nestles of her confined space. Seeing the white patches of fluffy snow fall, I realized that Tsumi’s days outside, soaking up the rays, might be numbered if the cold chill prevails as it has the past few dayz.

Thoughts of sugar-plums and snow-laden Christmas trees doesn’t distract this .sKY::, snow bird, from flying south in December. After the housesit, we’re heading to the land of eternal sunshine and warmth baby! Where that may be, we’ve yet to decide. In the interim, I’m bundling up like the stay-puff marshmallow man. Michelin attired I may be, but hey, I’m not going to let the sight of swirling leaves intermingled with the eddies of snow sway me from gallivanting in the country. I need my diurnal fix of manure-tainted air while I am able to savour the luxury of our recluse.

Tricks and spins

Oh what fun! Another day of languid enjoyment of family, fall splendour and warm autumn days. Being the photo-happy Aunt that I am, I spent a gleeful few hours cataloguing flips and spins on the trampoline and video digitizing (quite shakily, from the helm of a bicycle) the ecstatic skateboard ramp jumps made by Forrester. It was so cool to watch him — as a glider is pulled to altitude behind a plane, Forrest manoeuvred the skateboard’s angle of attack to gracefully fly over the man-made jump, towed by my beloved on a trick bike. What a wistful and purely enjoyable way to spend Thanksgiving Sunday!

But alas, return we must, in need of dedicating some kitty care time and love; Tsumi is such a champion … I think that she’s finally warming to our presence within the country home that she so elegantly rules.